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    Proud Owner of Prime Wholesale
    2022-01-31 Pooja Samagiri


    Based in the United States of America, Prime Wholesale is a unique E-commerce platform contributing to the diversity of the American society by introducing Nepalese imports to the U.S. Established by Ganesh and Ganga Lamichanne in Maryland on 2019, our motive is to support small business all around the world and provide our customers with the most accessible service in the best price possible. It also has its branch office in Kathmandu, Nepal.

    As the owner of Prime Wholesale, I’m very proud to introduce Prime Wholesale e-commerce platform to the world. It is the gateway between Nepal and USA. Almost half of the population of Nepali are in the aboard countries. They are looking for the easy way to shop Nepali products and are struggling to find them. The only way was by asking relatives or friends to bring them their need while travelling to aboard. There are many struggles and difficulty to get Nepali product in aboard. Regarding the problems and struggles, there also must be a solution. So, I came up with the Prime Wholesale where you can buy anything related to Nepali products. We have given our best to give best services to our customers to get the thing they’re looking for. We have arranged everything from cargo to money exchange, logistics and so much more. Now, our customers can easy buy anything from anywhere they are.

    “One of the myths about wholesale ecommerce is that you need loads of cash to get started. While you do need some startup money to break into the wholesale market, there are ways to scale your growth. For example, reorganize your existing space to make room for your bulk products rather than renting a new storage space right off the bat. And don’t forget to negotiate with your suppliers—they tend to be more flexible when you’re making a large order.” 

    -Simon Slade, Founder of SaleHoo






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