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    Prime Wholesale is an E-commerce platform which focuses on delivering the products from Nepal and India to the society of America. Our mission is to provide the best services to support small business all around the world and provide best price deal to its customers.

    Our mission is to provide a wide range of Nepali and Indian products like Handicrafts, Instruments, Beauty products, Gifting essentials, Utensils, Clothes and Jewelries all over the World. Our mission is providing almost every product that we can find in Nepal and India to the customers from any place of the world with the best price and deals.

    • Provide natural and organic product of Nepal and India.
    • Provide wide range of products.
    • Provide best customer services.
    • Provide you with all kinds of South Asian Groceries.
    • Provide best delivery system.
    • Fast and secure delivery system.



    Prime Wholesale vision is to spread its branch all over the world. We have the vision to provide the best service all over the world. Our vision is to guarantee our customer with fast delivery with world-wide shipping, free exchange and refund along with a warm and interactive customer support system. We want to take orders of items that we don’t carry and will do our best to bring in to our customers. Our vision is not just to provide our customers with all the best we have but are ready to go out of our ways to satisfy the needs of our customer. We want to maintain a good relationship with our customers from all over the world.

    • To export products from Nepal to USA.
    • Fast delivery with worldwide shipping.
    • To reach out our products worldwide.
    • Promote Nepali products internationally.
    • Grow internationally big.

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